MC Lit / English 5 – Friday, November 6th

Sign into the reading padlet as usual – link on the right hand side of this site w/ code mceng5 – and post your progress there.  This will be checked for attendance purposes!

OFFICE HOURS:  Mrs. C will be in the zoom all day (9am – 12pm & 12:30-2pm) if you need help, have questions, or just want to stop by. See me if you need help posting in padlet or need help with Dropbox.

STUDENT PATH SURVEY:  Go to Follow these directions LINK HERE (also on the GClassroom stream today) to complete the survey.  Thanks!

REMINDERS/DEADLINES:  WRITING 5 (your rap annotation) start working on it. We’ll visit them again on Monday 11/9 so be sure to have something done by then.

WRITING 5 – Annotation  You can find a video of the steps to completing this assignment on today’s GClassroom stream.  Watch it to clarify the directions, see how to do the annotating in MSWord, and how to resave your work.  Get analyzing & annotating!

NEXT WEEK:  We’ll keep working on our rap annotations and make choices for BOOK CLUB #2.

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