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English 9/10 – Thursday, September 19th

Book talk & Indie read.  Quickwrite #5:  Rules.  Begin reading:  Jason Reynolds’ Long Way Down pages 1 – 50.

To Do:

  • Read something awesome!

Reminder:  TOMORROW is the last day to bring Mrs. C post-its and/or scotch tape if you’d like late HW passes in exchange (max 2 per student)

English 9/10 – Wednesday, September 18th

Book talk & Indie read.  Group discussions about the notebook entries you made YESTERDAY on a poem you chose (from the 3 offered).  Share why you chose to write about this poem and just see what discussion occurs.  Watch video:  “Dear Dreamer” w/ Jason Reynolds.

Upcoming:  TOMORROW we will start reading a novel by Jason Reynolds. 🙂

Reminder:  Two more days to bring Mrs. C post-its and/or scotch tape if you’d like late HW passes in exchange (max 2 per student).

English 9/10 – Tuesday, September 17th

Book talk & Read aloud.  Quickwrite #4:  What’s in the box?  Poetry intro.  Watch video of “Poetry” by Marianne Moore read by John Green.  Class activity/study:  read 3 poems (add them to your notebook), choose one and write about it on the facing page.  Consider questions like:  what’s worth talking about?  what surprised you?  what are you thinking now?  what does it remind you of?

To Do:

  • Complete the writing about 1 of the 3 poems FOR CLASS TOMORROW (about 1/2 page – should take 10 to 15 minutes max).
  • Read something wonderful!

Reminder:  If you’d like late HW passes, bring Mrs. C post-its and/or scotch tape no later than Friday 9/20 (max 2 per student).

Friday, September 6th

Back to school!

Quick intro to class, a poem “What You Will Need in Class Today” by Matthew Foley, notebook intros, Quickwrite #1 – your reader/writer statement (if you missed class, see Mrs. C for details), bookpass 🙂

Assignment: If you haven’t already, see your school email to join the google classroom and fill out the quick survey this weekend to help Mrs. C get to know you.

Have a great weekend!