Rhetoric & Comp & MC Lit & Rhetoric – Wednesday, August 16th

Welcome back!  It was a great (if not a little sleepy) day one.  Here’s what we did.

Intro to class, completed a reading survey, talked “mindset” & thought about how it might affect us individually, notebook preview, and wrote 6 Word Slogans for this year.

Keep your mindset square and your favorite 6 word slogan for your notebooks!

Here’s to a great semester ahead full of writing, reading, and thinking.   –    Mrs. C = )

English 8A – Tuesday, May 16th

Book return.  SWIC transfer info.  Revisit reading goals. Take book pics! 😊 

Hit up one of the finals periods to collect your memory book,  notebook, and other stuff.  *note: memory books will ONLY be returned to YOU (friends can’t pick them up for  you) 

English 2 – Monday, May 15th

Indie read – last clipboard.  Last presentation group for lit. circle study.  Rewatched Vonnegut’s shape of story video.  Discuss finals and what to study.

Final is Wednesday, May 17th at 10:10 am.

  • lit. terms matching (defnitely expect allusion)
  • Hero’s journey questions / shape of story
  • Romeo & Juliet (multiple choice)
  • Odyssey (multiple choice)
  • A reading section w/ annotations & questions to answer in writing

English 8A – Monday, May 15th

Memory Book day!  indie read – last clipboard day.  Take with you – a wrap up of the year you spent in English 101/102.  Course surveys.

Tomorrow we’ll revisit our individual reading goals.

You should have hit all the deadlines.  The rest is up to me.  Just make sure to be here for a finals period to collect your memory books, notebooks, and any miscellaneous stuff.  (We’ll do something entertaining).