Dropbox Set-Up

INITIAL SET UP for English 7A/8A/MCLR do the following:

  • Using your email address, sign up for Dropbox (unless you already have one) at Dropbox.com
  • You can download to your device but you can also skip this step and just use Dropbox online
  • There is also an app for your phone (not all features work the same in the app – just a heads up)
  • Create a folder (the folder + icon) and name it “Last name, First name” (yours, not literally last, first – duh)
  • Right click on the new folder you created, and choose “share”
  • Or choose “create & share a new folder” – just eliminates a step
  • If you are new to Dropbox, you will need to verify your account, by pressing “send email” and then logging into your email, opening the one from Dropbox and clicking “verify.” (This ensures you aren’t creating Dropbox accounts on emails that aren’t yours).
  • Use my email jennifer.connolly@gcsd9.net and “invite to folder” or “share”
  • Once I accept, I can see items you place in our shared folder and I can place items in the folder for YOU. (Our shared folder will have two stick people on it when it is successfully shared).

If you like the functionality of Dropbox (no flashdrive needed if you have an internet connection), you can keep this account.  You can set up other folders that are yours and yours alone, and you can even share with friends to work on group projects and such.  At the end of the year, I delete my connection to the shared folder and it becomes all yours again.

  • To Upload files to our shared folder, open it, click the upload (paper +) icon, select your file and press “done.”
  • To rename files, right click, and choose rename.


  • Log in to your Dropbox account
  • Create a new folder and title it “Firstname WC Drafts”
  • Use the “share” function (like when you shared with Mrs. C) but share with all of your group members by typing in their respective email addresses* (has to be the email they use when logging into Dropbox).  * can edit
  • On your own Dropbox, accept the requests of your group members
  • You should now have 4 folders with the 4 group members names 🙂

You’ll use the same procedures to upload your draft for any given assignment/piece and then in WRITE CLUB, you will access the appropriate paper by opening the writer’s folder.