Dropbox Set-Up

INITIAL SET UP for English 7A/8A/MCLR do the following:

  • Using a GMAIL email address but NOT your school email, sign up for Dropbox (unless you already have one) at Dropbox.com
  • Choose to use Dropbox as an individual (NOT as a team)
  • When asked, you do NOT need more than 2GB of space
  • Just go with Dropbox Basic (for FREE) – NOT Business (that one costs money $$)
  • You can download to your device but I recommend skipping this step and just use Dropbox online (unless it won’t let you)
  • There is also an app for your phone (not all features work the same in the app – just a heads up)
  • If you click on the File View (left side of screen) you get folder creation options on the right
  • Create two folders (the folder + icon)
    • One named “Firstname Lastinitial’s Submissions” (your name not literally Firstname Lastinitial – duh)
    • One named “Firstname Lastinitial’s WC Drafts” (example:  Jolene R’s WC Drafts)
  • Right click on the new folders you created, and choose “share”  (there are multiple ways to do this – Dropbox is pretty user-friendly)
  • Or choose “new shared folder” – just eliminates a step
  • Use my email jennifer.connolly@gcsd9.net
  • If you are new to Dropbox, you will need to verify your account, by pressing “send email” and then logging into your email, opening the one from Dropbox and clicking “verify.” (This ensures you aren’t creating Dropbox accounts on emails that aren’t yours).
  • Once I accept, I can see items you place in our shared folder and I can place items in the folder for YOU. (Our shared folder will have two stick people on it when it is successfully shared).
  • Your submission folder will be used when you submit writing to Mrs. C for feedback & your draft folder will be used for writing groups (I’ll share them between group members for you)
  • Later in the semester, we will add & share an additional folder for the submission of your Final Portfolio

If you like the functionality of Dropbox (no flashdrive needed if you have an internet connection), you can keep this account.  You can set up other folders that are yours and yours alone, and you can even share with friends to work on group projects and such.  At the end of the year, I delete my connection to the shared folder and it becomes all yours again.

  • To Upload files to a shared folder, open it, click the upload (paper +) icon, select your file and press “done.”
  • To rename files, right click, and choose rename.
  • For future log-ins choose sign in with Google (on the chromebooks this works best)

IMPORTANT:  Papers in this course will need to be MSWord documents.  Dropbox gives you the capability of working in Word online for FREE even if you don’t have Word.  Access to MSOffice is available to college students at a highly discounted rate.  Once you have a SWIC ID# you might want to check into it.

If you like to use Google docs, you can do so initially, but you will need to learn to convert those documents to MSWord.  There is a function in docs that allows you to download as a word doc (note that formatting might get a bit wonky).