Digital Memory Book – Class of 2023


IMPORTANT! – YOUR Memory Book folder has to be INSIDE the Submissions folder for Mrs. C to see it.  IF you create a new, free-standing folder, and don’t put it IN the sub folder (or specifically share it with me) then I CAN’T see it and it will look as if you did not do this project!!  IF you want to change the name of your MB Shorts folder and put things there, that’s fine too (it doesn’t have to be separate anymore).  PLEASE name your papers as indicated on the last page of the assignment sheet (last page)!!  It gets really confusing when you name them just whatever.


  • Q:  Should/Can these pieces have pictures & graphics?
  • A:  Some items ask for a picture (read the individual chapters, etc.), so those should  have a photo inserted.  Focus & Reflection pages are written in varying genres, so whatever fits your work.  Just like the multi-genre, be creative and add whatever images & photos enhance your work.  (You don’t need to cite images you borrow here because it’s for you personally. . .not a research project.)
  • Q: What do you mean by the focus & reflections are multi-genre?
  • A: Think about the variety of genres you created (or could create) for the multi-genre project. Then use varying genres to complete the 3 focus and 2 reflections (clearly the letter should be a letter). Mix it up and try something new or revisit some genres you liked working with on the last project. Maybe you’ll write poetry or recipes or a fictional interview…limitless possibilities, really.
  • Q: Is there a length requirement for Foci & Reflections?
  • A: No.  Most will be on just one page.  The key here is to give the reader some variety in genre.  Use what you learned when you created your MG paper to drive your creativity.
  • Q: Do I need MLA format info at the tops of my documents in the memory book?
  • A: No. You can format how you’d like.
  • Q: Do I need to stick to a standard font or color?
  • A: No. Like the multi-genre, the pieces of your memory book can be creatively displayed however you’d like. While you don’t have to decorate or change it up, you can and are encouraged to make it “scrapbook style.”
  • Q:  Do I still need my MB Shorts copied in a separate folder?
  • A:  No.  You can move them to your Memory Book folder.  Same goes for the full-length chapters that might still be hanging out in your Fall Portfolio folder.