Student Led Book Talks

At some point in the semester, students will be asked to lead classroom booktalks.  The point is to share with your class, something worth reading (and to complete a presentation – a necessary skill, even if you don’t always look forward to it).

  1. Sign-up for your book talk day (or Mrs. C will assign you one)
  2. Complete a book talk preparation in your notebook to help guide your presentation
  3. Carefully choose your read-aloud, make sure you find/copy it in advance, and PRACTICE it
  4. Casually present on the designated day

Some xtra tips:

  • Title and author are BOTH important.  Be sure mention both.  Pronounce them correctly when you present and spell them correctly when you post your Flipgrid video.
  • Be careful to choose a read-aloud that you can handle, one you are semi-comfortable with, one that starts and ends well
  • NO SPOILERS – your audience wants to eventually read the book, don’t give everything away
  • Booktalks won’t be censored but don’t make your viewers feel awkard by reading an explicit or racy scene or by using racial slurs of any kind (even if they show up in the text).