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Multi-Cultural Lit – Thursday, September 16th

Quickwrite #12 – using Tabletopics cards do some thinking about your Novel #1 (Poet X or Solo) – If you missed class, write about the book. What’s going on? What has surprised you? What are you thinking? Etc.

Talking with others reading your book, review some of the questions you answered for QW#12 and for yesterday’s QW#11 (which poem you chose and why). Discuss your reading of the book, it’s topics, and see where it takes you. (No spoilers beyond the target).

TO DO: Keep reading! Next target is to finish by next Thursday 9/23.

Multi-Cultural Lit – Wednesday, September 15th

Book Talk & Indie Read.

Quickwrite #11 – “picked poem” – you chose a poem from your novel, The Poet X or Solo, write the name and page # of that poem at the top of your page, and then write about WHY you picked it and WHAT’S going on there… just keep writing (4 minutes)

More reading time: target tomorrow. Solo p. 207 & The Poet X p. 183.

Multi-Cultural Lit – Tuesday, September 14th

Book talk & Indie Read.

Quickwrite #10 – 1st Impressions – what do you think so far of The Poet X or Solo?

Reading time. Note the target for Thursday: Solo p. 207 or The Poet X p. 183. Do your best to hit them.

Mark a couple of individual poems you particularly like in what you read for tomorrow.

REMINDER: It’s NOT too late to complete the last writing assignment. If you didn’t write the commentary and response one-page paper, check it out on GClassroom and submit it soon.

Multi-Cultural Lit – Monday, September 13th

Book Talk & Indie Read.

It’s Book Choice day for Novel #1 – choose The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo or Solo by Kwame Alexander. If you need help choosing see the slides posted last week on GClassroom.

Set a schedule with an end date of Thursday 9/23 (that’s when you should be finished with the book), and a just prior to half-way target for this Thursday 9/16.

Time to get started!!


WRITING #2 – one-page commentary & response was due Sunday 9/12 (Be sure to add your thoughts, not just summary). Complete it if you haven’t yet. ALL LATE WORK IS FULLY ACCEPTED.

Multi-Cultural Lit – Friday, September 10th

Book Talk & Indie Read – w/ a padlet board check-in (see GClassroom if you need more detailed instructions).

Review of Writing #2 assignment & time to get started, ask quesitons, etc.

Assignments & Deadlines:

WRITING #2 – one-page commentary & response due no later than end of day Sunday 9/12 (Be sure to add your thoughts, not just summary).

Multi-Cultural Lit – Thursday, September 9th

Book Talk & Indie Read.

Quickwrite #9: “Colorblind” by Joseph Capehart – watch and then respond in your notebook – whatever you need to say. . .

Read: W.E.B. DuBois’ opening to The Souls of Black Folk (you can find a pdf on the GClassroom) – pay attention to terms “the Veil” and “double-consciousness” as these are foundational ideas of DuBois

Assignments & Deadlines: WRITING #2 – one-page commentary & response due no later than end of day Sunday 9/12

Multi-Cultural Lit – Wednesday, September 8th

Book Talk & Indie Read.

Read: James Baldwin’s “Letter to My Nephew” (1962) – You can watch Chris Rock recite it here

Quickwrite #8: Choose a Line – choose a line (or two) from the Baldwin piece (pdf below) and do the following 1) copy it into your notebook page 2) explain what it says and/or why you chose it 3) expand your thinking – what are you thinking now?

TO DO: Read something awesome! And finish up any notebook writing that needs attention.