Rhetoric & Comp – Friday, January 11th

Book trailers & Indie read.  Data analysis of post-it note reading & writing data.

1st hour – senior meeting

Assignment:  Choose one of the first three quickwrites.  Attempt some MLA citation by adding in-text MLA style citation after the quote you started your piece with.  Then write a work cited entry (again MLA style) for the source.  (You will have to look up some info.)  Use the Purdue OWL for MLA explanation and guidance and search the book sources on google or Easybib for other publishing info.  (This assignment can be done ON the notebook page with your entry.)

Rhetoric & Comp – Wednesday, January 9th

Book talks & Indie read.  Review course syllabus.  Info on “office” hours passes & late homework pass bonus options.  SIUE Contest info – think about what you might submit to win writer’s cred & $$.

Deadline:  Writing contest entries to Mrs. C via email by Wed., Jan. 16th (see details on page above).


MCL&R – Monday, December 17th

Indie read “wrap up”  – calculate average reading rate, did you meet your goal?, book spine list & label.


  • Fall Portfolio due in Dropbox by end of TODAY (includes all papers w/ abstracts & intro letter)

*Class library books due by Friday 12/14 (or see Mrs. C for exceptions)

FINALS:  At the final (if you have to take it) you will present your portfolio.

  • 1st hour:  Tuesday 12/18 8am
  • 3rd hour:  Wednesday 12/19 8am

Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, December 17th

Read aloud Happy Dreamer by Peter H. Reynolds & Indie read.

Scores still outstanding:

  • fall portfolio
  • notebooks
  • revision points (if you conferenced after revising)

FINALS:  Everyone does a portfolio & Everyone reports for the finals period (where we will celebrate our reading)

  • 2nd hour:  Tuesday 12/18 10:10am
  • 5th hour: Wednesday 12/19 1:10pm
  • 7th hour:  Thursday 12/10 10:10am