Multi-Cultural Lit. – Monday, September 16th

Book talk & Indie read. Quickwrite #3: “Colorblind” by Joseph Capehart.  Intro to black authors study  Read: Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. DuBois forethougt.

To Do:

If you know you might struggle, feel free to read ahead into chapter 1 of Souls (which we will read in class tomorrow).  Otherwise, read something fantastic.

*complete the notebook entry on Friday’s reading if you haven’t already


Rhetoric & Comp – Friday, September 13th

Book talk & Indie read with reading rate calculations.  Quickwrite #2:  This Class So Far?  Quickwrite #3:  What’s in the Box?  Quick discussion:  reading and writing connections.

To Do:

  • ESSENTIAL:  Apply to SWIC (or figure out your ID#) you need it Monday!
  • Read something fantastic!

“Bonus” opp:  bring in post-its and/or scotch tape to exchange for late hw passes (max 2 – due by 9/20)