Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, January 13th

Indie read.  This week:  critical reading of sources with 4 part note practice.  Quickwrite/Notes #5:  Essay “11:20” by Michael Paterniti.  Quickwrite/Notes #6:  Essay : 1st hour “In Our Genes” by Hannah Moskowitz : 2nd hour “White Rage” by Carol Anderson : 6th hour “Binge” by Tyler Oakley


  • sample student memory books that you can take a look at for the next couple of weeks
  • return your student release so Mrs. C can record for work on her National Boards


English 8 – Friday, January 10th

Book trailers & Indie read.  Reading rate calculation and weekly page goal setting.  Quickwrite #3: Random picture # ____.  3rd hour only – Tell Me:  how to write an essay.

Standing Assignment:  Read at least 1 hour OUTSIDE of class time per week (you can divide this up however you’d like). 🙂

NBCT Release Forms – please sign & return them to Mrs. C on Monday (if you didn’t already)

Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, January 9th

Book talk & Indie Read.  Quickwrite #4:  Your latest (or most memorable) trip down the “rabbit hole” – What have you gotten just a little (or a lot) obsessed with?  MLA Basics w/ practice.

MLA CITATIONS the basics

Your note/practice page should have attempts at:

  • regular quote w/ in-text citation
  • regular quote w/ author mention w/ in-text citation
  • paraphrase w/ in-text citation
  • paraphrase w/ quthor mention w/ in-text citation

*Use the “Words of the Millenium” article to create your practice examples.


English 8 – Wednesday, January 8th

Book talk & Indie read.  Video:  High School Reading.  Quickwrite #2:  “Hands” by Sarah Kay (Create a notebook entry by finding any point that reminds you of something, or someone, or just makes you think and then put those thoughts on the page – or – try pulling a quote or two that you like and copying it down, then using it as a jumping-off point.  You can’t be wrong.  Just keep writing. Watch the video again if it helps.)  Quick tour of the class website.

Read something awesome!

Tomorrow:  Course syllabus overview & library tour.

Rhetoric & Comp – Wednesday, January 8th

Book talk & Indie read.  Quickwrite #3:  Read Like a Writer (RLaW)  – “Hands” by Sarah Kay.  Notebook:  taking notes & using sources “Words of the Millenium” w/ 4 part note structure.

4 part notes:

  • Summary  – “They Say”
  • Quote – pull something interesting “verbatim”
  • React/Respond (thoughts, comments, agree, disagree, what surprised you?) – “I Say”
  • Questions – ? ? ?

Deadline:  finish this notepage for tomorrow (we’ll be working with this source in class)

Read something awesome!

Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, January 7th

Book talk & Indie Read.  Quickwrite #2:  “Hands” by Sarah Kay – respond, react, tell a story, create whatever you want.  Trajectory:  recap where we came from, what we’ve learned, and where we are going.  Course syllabus overview.

Loose, general project schedule:

  • January: working with sources & writing cited commentary
  • February: Hamlet and writing rhetorical analysis (in groups)
  • March: analysis / multi-genre start
  • April:  Multi-genre research project work
  • May:  portfolios & memory books
  •  + throughout:  work on mb shorts, notebook writing, craft moves, etc.