MC Lit / English 5 – Monday, November 9th

NOTES/WATCH:  Crash Couse – What is Justice?

SHARE:  Breakout rooms to share what rap/hip-hop songs you picked for analysis & why.

WRITE:  Quickwrite #14  – We Need Diverse Books Campaign Video

BOOK CLUB #2: Choices, Info, Check out the slides & Choose your book!  (slides & Gform to choose on the GCLassroom stream TODAY!)

DEADLINES:  Your rap annotation (WRITING 5) due by end of day Sunday 11/15 (this is an EXTENSION to the previous due date!!!) – to submit just move it to our shared submissions folder.

UPCOMING:  No School Wednesday in observance of Veteran’s Day.  OFFICE HOURS on Friday.  Check GClassroom for Friday’s activity/check-in – thinking about your own writing process.

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