Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, November 10th

BOOK TALK/COPING:  Let’s let John Green do this today.

READ:  Why Sharing Your Writing is Good for You by Kerstin Pilz, PhD

SHARE:  Your “10 Things” paper with random classmates (we’ll use breakout rooms for this)

STUDY:  Read Like a Writer (as a class) with excerpt & example annotations Read-LIke-a-Writer-Analysis-of-Craft PK & KWR.

Then, let’s work together to analyze Jason Reynolds’ “10 Things I’ve Been Meaning to Say to You” (you’ll find this in a shared Dropbox folder)

ASSIGNMENTS/DEADLINES:  Digital Submission #2 no later than end of day Sunday 11/15 (w/ Flipgrid audio)


UPCOMING:  A rhetorical look at hip-hop/rap.  How does it function?

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