Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, November 12th

OPEN:  Read Aloud – The Roots of Rap by Carole Boston Weatherford

READ:  Why Study Rhetoric? or, What Freestyle Rap Teaches Us about Writing  by Kyle D. Stedman

WRITE:  Quickwrite #20 (Part I) – Watch the 1st 3 videos below and respond or comment in your notebook.  Work to write the entire 3 minutes.

WRITE:  Quickwrite #20 (Part II) – Watch the TV excerpt (in-class only) and video below and continue the entry you started earlier in your notebook.  Work to write the entire 3 minutes.

Excerpts from Dear White People Season 1:Episode 5 – w/ scholarly discussion of language use.

STUDY:  The ART OF HIP-HOP/RAP overview w/ rhetorical emphasis and assignment pre-view (attached to today’s GClassroom stream)

ASSIGNMENT:  Select lyrics to a hip-hop/rap song for use next week.  Due no later than classtime Tuesday 11/17.



  • DIGITAL SUBMISSION #2 due anytime between Wednesday 11/11 & end of day Sunday 11/15
  • RAP LYRIC SELECTION due by classtime Tuesday 11/17

UPCOMING:  OFFICE HOURS on Friday (stop by to ask questions or get help).  Next week we’ll dig into analyzing rap/hip-hop and write rhetorical analysis essays.


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