Rhetoric & Comp – Friday, November 6th

Sign into the reading padlet as usual – link on the right hand side of this site w/ code rc101 – and post your progress there.  This will be checked for attendance purposes!

OFFICE HOURS:  Mrs. C will be in the zoom all day (9am – 12pm & 12:30-2pm) if you need help, have questions, or just want to stop by. See me if you need help posting in padlet or need help with Dropbox.

STUDENT PATH SURVEY:  Go to mystudentpath.com Follow these directions LINK HERE (also on the GClassroom stream today) to complete the survey.  Thanks!

REMINDERS/DEADLINES:  Write your own “Ten Things I’ve Been Meaning to Say to _______________” due anytime between Friday 11/6 and end of day Monday 11/9.

WRITING 5 – 10Things

ONGOING:  Consider how you will use your feedback & commentary to revise your existing papers. 

NEXT WEEK:  We’ll practice reading like a writer and take a rhetoric-based look at the art of hip-hop/rap.


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