Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, November 5th

WRITE:  Quickwrite #19 – Unlimited Power

STUDY:  Revision – a study of what to do with comments/feedback.  A full class look at a student’s memory book paper, teacher feedback, and revision. Join the padlet board “Revising from Commentary: A Study”.   And a slide review on “Manipulation & Control in Writing.” Then a look, in your WRITE CLUB groups, at some other student examples.

READ: “10 Things I’ve Been Meaning to Say to You” by Jason Reynolds

ASSIGNMENT/DEADLINE:  Write your own “Ten Things I’ve Been Meaning to Say to _______________” due anytime between Friday 11/6 and end of day Monday 11/9.

WRITING 5 – 10Things

UPCOMING:  Office Hours (stop by to ask questions or get help) & Student Paths Survey (about your plans after high school) on Friday.  Next week, reading like a writer and a look at the art of hip-hop/rap.

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