MC Lit / English 5 – Wednesday, November 4th

WRITE:  Quickwrite #13 – Watch the video “Are You Racist?” by Marlon James and write your thoughts, comments, and reactions.

STUDY:  More thoughts about what rappers do.  Watch the video below:

WORK:  Let’s work with the rap lyrics you brought to class today to find where the writer appeals to emotion, uses logic, and establishes credibility.  Look at the ways the write does this and annotate examples.  What kinds of “moves” does the writer make?  How do they use rhyme, rhythm, etc. to build their rap?

Open your Word doc lyrics (in your Dropbox Drafts folder) and use MSWord’s highlighters and the ability to comment by using the review tab (new comment) to make notes in the margins.  What do you find?  (Examples in the zoom call and time to work today).

ASSIGNMENT/DEADLINE:  WRITING 5 (your rap annotation) start working on it. We’ll visit them again on Monday 11/9 so be sure to have something done by then.

WRITING 5 – Annotation  You can find a video of the steps to completing this assignment on today’s GClassroom stream.  Watch it to clarify the directions, see how to do the annotating in MSWord, and how to resave your work.  Get analyzing & annotating!

PAST DUE:  WRITING 4 (book review was due 11/2) & Flipgrid videos (3 – intro, impact, & wrapup) for BOOK CLUB #1 (added to Skyward completion scores later this week)

UPCOMING:  Office Hours (stop by to ask questions or get help) & Student Paths Survey (about your plans after high school) on Friday, more work on rap analysis, and BOOK CLUB #2 choices next week.


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