MC Lit / English 5 – Monday, November 2nd

Read Aloud: The Roots of Rap

STUDY:  Discussion/Notes – The Art of Hip-Hop (slides shared by email and on GClassroom)

READ:   Why Study Rhetoric? or, What Freestyle Rap Teaches Us about Writing


ASSIGNMENT/DEADLINE:  Find a rap song for use on you next writing assignment (you need lyrics on Wednesday 11/4!!!)

RAP Lyric Selection  due 11/4

IF TIME ALLOWS:  Example of where this next writing assignment is going (or we’ll do this Wednesday)

PAST DUE:  WRITING 4 (was due 11/2) & Flipgrid videos (3 – intro, impact, & wrapup) for BOOK CLUB #1 (added to Skyward completion scores later this week)

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