MC Lit / English 5 – Wednesday, October 28th

WRITE:  Quickwrite #12 – Watch the music videos below and respond or comment in your notebook (disclaimer for language).  Work to write some comments during each video and then add a commentary that brings them together.


  1. What’s worth talking about?
  2. Favorite character? Why?
  3. Most powerful or your favorite part? Why?
  4. Why does this book matter?  What can it help us learn about the world or ourselves?

BREAKOUT ROOMS:  With others in this hour who read your book, discuss some of the work you just did in your notebook.  Let’s talk about the book!


  • Visit (link on the right) and use our usual join code.  Then, locate the topic BC#1 YOUR BOOK WRAP-UP  Add a response here.  In less than 5 minutes share the info from today’s notebook entry. Due by classtime Monday 11/2.
  • Writing #4 – the review.  This one combines the topics we’ve been talking about recently, your book club read, and today’s focus on reviews.  Due no later than end of day Sunday 11/1.
  • WRITING 4 2020

EXTRA:  Another round of Book Pass & Book Trailers up on today’s GClassroom stream in case you are looking for your next read.


  • With the break provided by Student Progress Conferences (no school Thursday or Friday) be sure to get caught up.
  • Make some time to enjoy reading your independent read.  Escape.
  • Next week we’ll be working with rap lyrics and completing some writing.

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