Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, October 20th

Check-in as usual by updating your reading progress.  Book talk.

WRITE:  Quickwrite #17


  • Donald Murray “Lead” from A Writer Teaches Writing & Tom Romano “In the Beginning” from Crafting Authentic Voice (pdfs on the GClassroom stream).  Choose/evaluate the best beginnings for an example piece by Tom Romano (padlet code – bestbegin).  WRITE CLUB groups for work with various beginnings (padlet code – starters).

REMINDERS:  Don’t get complacent with completion scores.  These ONLY indicate whether your work is complete and do NOT evaluate the quality of that work.  ALWAYS work to create your best work and continue to improve it as you learn more.

DEADLINE: Writing 4 (QW or MB) due no later than end of day Sunday 10/25

WRITING 4 2020 QW or MB

UPCOMING: Endings & next week we’ll bring writing #4 to WRITE CLUB & build our reading stamina.

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