MC Lit / English 5 – Monday, October 19th

Check-in on the Indie Read padlet as usual.

READ:  “How Code-Switching Explains the World” – Gene Demby, NPR


& Key & Peele – “Phone Call”

WRITE:  Quickwrite #10 – Codeswitching:  Respond to any of the above videos, information, or connect in your own way on the topic of codeswitching.  What do you have to say?

BOOK CLUB #1:  Breakout rooms for 20 – 30 minutes of reading


  • Visit (link on the right) and use our usual join code.  Then, locate the topic BC#1 YOUR BOOK INTROS.  Add a response here.  In less than 60 seconds introduce yourself and tell why you chose this book for book club.  Due by classtime Wednesday 10/21.
  • Stay on target for BOOK CLUB #1!

REMINDERS:  You can still submit missing WRITING assignments at any time.  Student Progress Conferences are the end of next week, so maybe do that before your parent/guardian/grown-ups start checking up.

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