MC Lit / English 5 – Wednesday, October 21st

WRITE:  Quickwrite #11 – Watch the videos below and respond or comment in your notebook.  Work to write the entire 3 minutes.

Excerpts from Dear White People Season 1:Episode 5 – w/ scholarly discussion of language use.

Consider how language use plays a part in the books you are currently reading – and how it ties to code-switching.

BOOK CLUB #1: Breakout rooms for about 20 minutes of reading


  1. Choose a passage or section with IMPACT from your book club read (up to today’s target).
  2. Copy it down on the page, word for word.
  3. Then write about why you chose it?
  4. Explain it’s importance in the context of the book, by where it fits in the plot/events or what it says about character or how it’s important to the setting or conflict.


  • Visit (link on the right) and use our usual join code.  Then, locate the topic BC#1 YOUR BOOK IMPACT  Add a response here.  In less than 5 minutes share the info from today’s notebook entry. Due by classtime Monday 10/26.
  • Stay on target for BOOK CLUB #1!

UPCOMING:  I’ll be posting a mid-term check-in video message & GForm on Friday.  Be sure to watch and complete it to be counted present.  + OFFICE HOURS as per Friday-usual.

REMINDERS:  You can still submit missing WRITING assignments at any time.  Student Progress Conferences are the end of next week, so maybe do that before your parent/guardian/grown-ups start checking up.  See Mrs. C in Friday’s office hours if you need assistance or have questions.

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