Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, October 22nd

READ:  Read Aloud A Perfectly Messed Up Story by Patrick McDonnell

WRITE: Quickwrite #18 – “Can We Autocorrect Humanity?” Prince EA

READ:  Independent Reading time w/ Breakout Room check-ins

STUDY/READ:   Donald Murray “End” from A Writer Teaches Writing & Tom Romano “And In the End” from Crafting Authentic Voice (pdfs on the GClassroom stream).  WRITE CLUB groups for checking out various endings (padlet code – wrapup).

DEADLINE: Writing 4 (QW or MB) due no later than end of day Sunday 10/25

WRITING 4 2020 QW or MB

UPCOMING: I’ll be posting a mid-term check-in video message & GForm on Friday.  Be sure to watch and complete it to be counted present.  + OFFICE HOURS as per Friday-usual.  Next week we’ll bring writing #4 to WRITE CLUB & build our reading stamina.

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