BIG CHANGES!! – Remote Learning Schedule & Assignment Adjustments

YOU CAN ALSO CHECK OUT THIS INFORMATION ON FLIPGRID – rcmg20 for Rhet-Comp students & e8mg20 for English 8 students.  There are videos where I read this letter and explain the details that follow.  Contact Mrs. C for any clarification you need. Find the adapted schedules & assignment overview/parameters in downloadable versions at the bottom of this post & with explanations on the Flipgrids.

Dear Seniors,

Learning at home, on your own, via the internet, is not the same as learning day to day in the classroom and I won’t even pretend that it is…or that we can accomplish all the same things in the same time frames, etc.  So, I’ve been thinking about what’s really important as we try to keep reading, writing, and thinking from a distance.

That said, I’m planning some changes to your learning that might make it more manageable and less overwhelming (with the understanding that work still needs to be done – it isn’t optional).

For those of you who are diligently working on your MG projects, I applaud you. And no worries, we’re still doing those.  I’m going to let you make a few more of the choices going forward though, shortening the scope of the project for some, and updating the end date (with flexibility for those who need more time to complete it).

For ALL of you, I plan on an optional reduction in page requirements, a slight adjustment in the required genres, and an earlier end date.  Then, we will shift class to a reading/writing format where you keep reading, with a weekly check-in, and keep notebook writing, at least 3 times per week.

If our time away from the physical school building goes beyond the end of April (this is likely but not known at this time), then the memory book (rhet-comp) and portfolio assignments (English 8 & rhet-comp) will also be adjusted to reflect our digital capacities, and that’s what we’ll work on in May along with reading & writing.

With understanding,

Mrs. C = )



Take a look at your grade before we physically left school.

If you have an A that you want to maintain or you have a grade you’d like to improve, complete the MG project as originally assigned—CHANGE NOTHING**.  As long as you turn in a “quality” project (this means your best work, not just completing pages of random whatever – you know what I mean here), you will still have an A or be eligible to improve your grade (can’t hurt your grade as long as you are working, trying, and completing the project—if it’s “good” it will likely raise you a letter grade overall; impress me).

** OK.  Change 4 things: (FOR EVERYONE) 1. One-on-one conferencing will be optional, not required (stop into virtual office hours or email Mrs. C for a time that works better for you) 2. Presentations will be via Flipgrid (details TBA) 3. The schedule is condensed for everyone (with less WRITE CLUB & no class days for conference times & omission of some in-class lessons) & 4. No collection of sources at the end – just cite responsibly, people.

If you don’t necessarily care about maintaining the A or you are satisfied with the B or C you have currently (again, depends on your grade when we left), you may choose the reduced/revised assignment and with a “quality” project (this means your best work, not just completing pages of random whatever – you know what I mean here), your grade will adjust as follows:  A’s will become B’s (for SWIC grading) and other grades (at GCHS) will remain constant (e.g. a B will stay a B, C will stay a C etc.)

IF YOU ARE PURSUING CREDIT w/SWIC:  Note that the SWIC class continues online and you must complete work to earn credit.  Uncompleted coursework could result in forfeiture of your FREE college credit.

MG overview 2020 covid 19 adapted ENG 102

Research Schedule 2020 MG ENG102covid adapted (2)


See the reduced/revised assignment (for your respective class) and adjust your work accordingly.  As long as you turn in a “quality” project (this means your best work, not just completing pages of random whatever – you know what I mean here), you will maintain or improve your grade.  If it’s “good” it might even raise you a letter grade overall; impress me). That said, it is okay to go beyond the reduced parameters or to complete the project as originally assigned, just not required.

MG Overview English 8 covid19 adapted

Research Schedule ENG 8 covid adapted 2020 MG

EVERYONE—A note on earlier due dates:  Because the projects are adjusted for the online format (which honestly cuts out some things that are just difficult to do online and streamlines our work into a shorter time) and the minimum page requirements are reduced (for many of you), the due dates are earlier.  HOWEVER, there will be no penalty for turning in these projects up until the final dates listed at the bottom of each schedule, provided you are working, moving forward, touching base with Mrs. C and such.  We might not all arrive at finished products at the same time, and that’s OKAY.  If you can stick to this schedule, GREAT!  It means you’ll get a break while we read & write before heading into the last part of the year. If you can’t, you’ll have about 2 additional weeks to finish up your project while we get back to reading & writing.

ALL STUDENTS:  Note that uncompleted coursework could result in an incomplete for the course, which means no credit in a required high school course.  Share this info with your friends who think school is over.

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