Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, March 22nd / Wednesday, March 24th

WRITE:  Quickwrite #18 – Interest Inventory #2 QW interest prompt DAY2 as PDF Answer the questions in your notebook – use full sentences so you can kind of include the question.

READ/STUDY: A look at how to shift your mindset concerning research papers.  Reading excerpts from Bruce Ballenger’s “Teaching the Research Paper,” Thomas Newkirk’s Minds Made for Stories, and Tom Romano’s “Crafting Narrative.” Check out the PDFs below and note their are read-through videos on today’s GClassroom stream. And watch Tom Romano on multi-genre in the short video below.

Teaching the Research Paper – Ballenger

Minds Made for Stories – Newkirk

Crafting Narrative from Fearless Writing – Romano

NOTEBOOK:  Create a notes page for stuff you discover today about research, narrative, and multi-genre.

EXTRA: If the idea of how story draws in the reader intrigues you, check out this TED Talk by Pixar team member Andrew Stanton

NEW ASSIGNMENT:  the multi-genre (MG) paper overview & contract choices (videos available in the MG Class of 2021 Flipgrid)

MG overview 2021 Contract A  

MG overview 2021 Contract B


  • MB SHORT #4 (last one of these 🙂 ) window is open now through 4/5 (EXTENDED!) – details in GClassroom as classwork/assignment
  • WRITE CLUB 2-Type Feedback* – Visit your group Flipgrid and watch/read/listen to your members’ papers.  Next 1) Reply with a short video.  Then 2) Visit each of these two papers in Dropbox/MSWord and leave 5-8 constructive comments.  *See the FLIPGRID WRITE CLUB slides attached to GClassroom for details (attached to the assignment located in classwork).  Due no later than end of day Thursday 3/25 (DON’T carry this over into Spring Break).


  • BOOK CLUB CRIT LIT ANALYSIS Full Draft with citations no later than end of day Friday 3/19
  • Flipgrid screenshare read aloud of your BCA for WRITE CLUB no later than end of day Sunday 3/21 (find the topic in your WRITE CLUB group Flipgrid)

UPCOMING: A more specific look at how to choose a topic, the required genres for your MG paper, and time to work.

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