Rhetoric & Comp – Friday, March 19th

OFFICE HOURS:  Stop in the zoom between 7:20 & 10:30 am* (when you aren’t supposed to be in another call) if you have questions or need assistance. *hours are weird b/c parent-teacher conferences

TO CHECK-IN:  Be sure to complete your read-aloud screen share for the BOOK CLUB Analysis Paper by end of day Sunday 3/21 – I’ll use the submission of this video for your Friday attendance check-in.

READ: Anything you’d like.  Try reading at least 30 minutes this weekend. 🙂


  • BOOK CLUB CRIT LIT ANALYSIS – Full Draft with citations no later than end of day TODAY 3/19
  • Flipgrid screenshare read aloud of BCA for your WRITE CLUB group no later than end of day Sunday 3/21 (find the topic in your WRITE CLUB group Flipgrid)
  • MB SHORT #4 (last one of these 🙂 ) window is open now through 3/26 – details in GClassroom as classwork/assignment

UPCOMING:  Next week we’ll give WRITE CLUB feedback on the BCA and explore ideas for your multi-genre research project/paper. ❤ Plus, details on the MG assignment and a look at the importance of narrative.

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