Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, March 23rd / Thursday, March 25th


WRITE:  Quickwrite #19 – Interest Inventory #3 QW interest prompt DAY3 as PDF Answer the questions in your notebook – use full sentences so you can kind of include the question.

STUDY & NEW ASSIGNMENT: Tips for Terrific Topics (see slide & video on GClassroom) & Idea Exploration 2021

WORK TIME:  Consider what you need to prioritize next and use this time for in-class work.


  • WRITE CLUB 2-Type Feedback* – Visit your group Flipgrid and watch/read/listen to your members’ papers.  Next 1) Reply with a short video.  Then 2) Visit each of these two papers in Dropbox/MSWord and leave 5-8 constructive comments.  *See the FLIPGRID WRITE CLUB slides attached to GClassroom for details (in both yesterday’s stream & attached to the assignment located in classwork).  Due no later than end of day Thursday 3/25 (DON’T carry this over into Spring Break).
  • MG IDEA EXPLORATION – PDF link above & available through GClassroom.  Turn in in Dropbox & Flipgrid no later than end of day Sunday 3/28
  • MB SHORT #4 (last one of these 🙂 ) window is open now through 4/5 (EXTENDED!) – details in GClassroom as classwork/assignment
  • GENRE REQUIREMENTS & OPTIONS – watch this series of videos (<20 min. total) before you return from Spring Break 4/6 (check out the accompanying PDF too – REQUIRED Genres Pieces Elements)
  • MLA Citation comments are complete for everyone’s CCR (cited commentary) papers.  Check them out in Dropbox comments, make changes as needed, and update your Book Club papers accordingly (use this learning across papers – it’s okay to make changes to ANY of your papers 🙂 ).


  • Book Club Analysis & your screenshare/read aloud WERE due last weekend (GET THESE SUBMITTED if you haven’t – your WRITE CLUB groups are waiting!)

UPCOMING: Spring Break!  Complete what’s due, get caught up, rest up, and/or work ahead.  “See” you April 6th!

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