Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, February 8th / Wednesday, February 10th

Update the reading padlet!!! What have you read lately???

WRITE:  Quickwrite #10 – Choose one (or more) questions from the TableTopics™ questions on the PDF and answer it/them reagarding your independent read.  Go as deatiled as you’d like on just a couple or answer more questions if needed, but work to write the entire time.

TableTopics IR Quickwrite PDF

STUDY:  Critical Lit. Theory BOOK CLUB!*  Overview & schedule, book choices and deadlines, time to check out the info and make personal selections.

WRITE CLUB:  Overview of Flipgrid (digital asynchronous) WRITE CLUB*


  • Read Aloud / Screenshare your CCR (Critical Commentary &  Response) paper in your WRITE CLUB FG no later than end of day Tuesday 2/9
  • Choose your book for BOOK CLUB no later than end of day Wednesday 2/10 (or Thursday 2/11 if you are in 4th hour)
  • Memory Book Short #2 window is now open.  Due in Dropbox no later than end of day Friday, February 19th


  • CCR Paper (due in Dropbox 2/7)
  • Your Intro & Goals message in your WRITE CLUB FG (due in Flipgrid 2/5-7)
  • Memory Book Short #1 (due in Dropbox 2/5)

* Video overviews  & slide shows available on GClassroom stream

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