Rhetoric & Comp – Friday, February 5th

TO DO TODAY:  To check-in today – be counted present – visit your WRITE CLUB Flipgrid* (FG) and leave a message in the topic for intros (see the directions there).

*I sent you this password in an email on Wednesday.

OFFICE HOURS from 7:20 – 11:20 am in the zoom.  Stop in anytime you aren’t supposed to be in someone else’s live call, especially if you have questions or need assistance with the cited commentary & response work.


  • First Memory Book Short – due in Dropbox as assigned no later than Friday, February 5th (This is TODAY. And while it’s technically in the submissions folder, you will still be able to revise it for the memory book. Just make sure it’s done.)
  • Cited Commentary & Response – due no later than end of day Sunday, February 7th (in Dropbox drafts folder & read in Flipgrid – directions & your Flipcode in an email)

NEXT WEEK: We’ll be conducting our first asynchronous WRITE CLUB session/work and introducing critical lit theory.  BOOK CLUBS soon 🙂

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