Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, January 25th / Wednesday, January 27th

Update Padlet (as we’ll do the first day of class each week & also on Fridays this semester).

WRITE:  Quickwrite #6 – Previous Experience with Research

CREATE/PRACTICE: Watch/Read several poems and choose one for 4-part notes practice (in our writer’s notebooks as 4Part#4)

▶️”The Hill We Climb” by Amanda Gorman – click ▶️ to watch  

The Hill We Climb – Amanda Gorman PDF

Friend Zone – Dylan Garity PDF

▶️”Take A Knee” by Kwame Alexander – click ▶️ to watch 

Take a Knee – Kwame Alexander PDF

When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny – Blythe Baird PDF

▶️”The Man” by Taylor Swift – click ▶️ to watch

The Man – Taylor Swift PDF

Chambers of A Gun – Zanne Langlois PDF


  • SWIC registration for this course
  • BookTalk in Flipgrid


  • CITED COMMENTARY ASSIGNMENT IN 3 PARTS Part I Overview (only think about part I today – we’ll look at part II tomorrow & part III next week w/ deadline of Sunday 2/7 for this paper)
  • MEMORY BOOK SHORT #1 window opens today due no later than end of day February 5th (see Digital Memory Book tab above for full assignment sheets)

UPCOMING:  More on this assignment, practice with paraphrasing & looking at research through a conversational lens.

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