Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, January 26th / Thursday, January 28th

WRITE:  Quickwrite #7 – ▶️”Dear Basketball” by Kobe Bryant – click ▶️ to watch 

READ: “The Ugly Truth about Beauty” by Dave Barry (essay)

The Ugly Truth About Beauty – Dave Barry PDF(found at pennykittle.net)

STUDY/CREATE/PRACTICE: Return to the “Citations Practice Page” in your notebook and we’ll practice citing both a regular paraphrase & a paraphrase with author mention using Barry’s essay.

STUDY: What is academic research? Check out the video below as it’s a pretty good overview of how to view research as a conversation.

▶️ “Research is a Conversation” by UNLV Libraries – click ▶️to watch

NOTES:  Create a notepage in your notebook w/ the basics from this video – be sure to include the “steps” of eavesdrop, enter, & engage.

DEADLINE/ASSIGN: CITED COMMENTARY ASSIGNMENT IN 3 PARTS Part II Overview (building on what we started thinking about yesterday – we’ll look at part III Friday w/ deadline of Sunday 2/7 for this paper).

TO DO:  Start looking back through the extra pieces from the previous class days.  Check out the essays, TEd videos, articles, poems/songs.  Note the extra ones from earlier in the year that you might want to look at (reposted on the GClassroom today).  21 potential sources provided. Come to class next week with an idea & some selected sources (that you HAVE READ).  How will you contribute to the “conversation”?

UPCOMING:  More on this assignment & how to construct an MLA Style works cited page. . . . and this semester’s WRITE CLUB groups.

FRIDAY:  Office Hours + Info on your Cited Commentary & Response.  There will be a GForm asking about your topic ideas for this piece & you’ll need to complete it to be counted present for Friday.

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