Rhetoric & Comp – Friday, January 22nd

Check-in by updating your reading in the padlet (code is rc102 now) – shoot for 20 minutes per day (or something like that).

TO DO TODAY: Consider your To Be Read list.  Watch some trailers, read some book jackets in the book pass, check out classmates’ book talks in Flipgrid.  Add a couple of titles that sound good to that list.  (Book pass & trailer slides on today’s GClassroom).

OFFICE HOURS from 7:20 – 11:20 am in the zoom.  Stop in anytime you aren’t supposed to be in someone else’s live call, if you have questions, need help, or just want book recommendations.

PAST DUE:  Flipgrid/Notebook Booktalk.  (Still a few people who need to do this.)

NEXT WEEK: We’ll continue note-taking practice, think in our notebooks, and consider viewing research as a conversation.

IF YOU DIDN’T DO THIS YET:  Register for SWIC credit. Follow the link and directions in the GClassroom last Friday!  Watch the attached video (detailed registration info from 8:09 to 10:27).  Be sure to use the Prefix, Course #, Section, & Class # info listed for your hour (details in GClassroom). If you can not locate your SWIC ID#, be sure to stop in office hours and I’ll look it up. YOU CAN’T EARN THE FREE CREDIT IF YOU DON’T SIGN UP!!!

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