MC Lit / English 5 – Monday, December 14th

Check into zoom for attendance, reminders, and updates.

Complete the Reader-Writer Survey posted on today’s GClassroom stream.

PAST DUE:  Everything.  But finish up NOTEBOOK TOURS & FALL PORTFOLIOS if needed.  Ask questions if you need to.

UPCOMING:  Wednesday will be a final day of OFFICE HOURS which means Mrs. C will be in the zoom all day to answer questions about late submissions and such.  You’ll check-in for attendance by completing an important course survey about how the semester went, the tech we used, etc.

BOOK RETURN REMINDERS:  Be sure to use a sticky note or paper to indicate YOU – so I know who turned in their books.

  • BUS SEND BACK – Supply bus run TOMORROW 12/15 (last one)
  • EXIT 1 DROPOFF – Only on weekdays from 8am – 3pm (by 12/16 please)
  • HOME PICK-UP – If you have extenuating circumstances that make both other options not possible, please contact Mrs. C to arrange this.

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