MC Lit / English 5 – Wednesday, December 2nd

It’s an “on-demand”/asynchronous work day (NO ZOOM).  Here’s what to do:

FIRST:  Be sure to check-in TODAY by answering the attendance question on the GClassroom stream (if you haven’t already)

READ:  Finish your book for BOOK CLUB #2 (if you haven’t already. . . or at least make progress)

WRITE:  Work on answering 4 of the 11 questions on the padlet board for YOUR book club choice (instructions on Monday’s post – just scroll down)

STUDY:  Watch the video introducting the last (before your portfolio) writing assignment of the semester.  You’ll find this on today’s GClassroom stream.

WRITING 6 – ID Exploration (BC#2 paper)

CREATE:  Start thinking about and/or writing this paper.


  • BOOK CLUB #2 padlet board answers due no later than end of Sunday 12/6 (complete them by Friday if you can)
  • WRITING #6 due anytime between Friday 12/4 and end of day Sunday 12/6
  • Make-up Work – all 6 writing assignments can still be turned in in your portfolio at semester’s end (last date for those is Sunday 12/13)

UPCOMING:  A quick book return survey & OFFICE HOURS on Friday (from 9am – 12pm & 12:30 – 2pm).  Stop in if you need help or have questions or just want to say hi.

NEXT WEEK: Portfolio work and Notebook wrap-ups.

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