Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, December 1st

WRITE:  Quickwrite #24 – watch the video 6 Photographers/1 Man below and then spend 3 minutes writing in response/commentary/thinking.

STUDY:  Craft Move Focus/”Read Like a Writer” thinking.  We’ll take a look at a comprehensive list of “moves” both craft and rhetorical and work together to read an “essay” and examine what moves the writer makes in regards to genre, audience, purpose.

RLaW Comprehensive

NEW ASSIGNMENT/DEADLINE:  WRITING 7 (QW or MB) due anytime between Friday 12/4 and end of day Sunday 12/6


  • Did you add a work cited page to your paper?  See the video on last week’s GClassroom stream for a tutorial (and please watch it so you get it right – don’t guess).
  • And what about that audio for submission #2?

ONGOING:  Consider how you will use your feedback & commentary to revise your existing papers.  The portfolio is coming.

REMINDERS & UPDATES:  Don’t forget it’s not too late to complete writing that you skipped earlier in the semester.  Check out the page tabs at the top of the website to find RHETORIC & COMP – WRITING ASSIGNMENTS & RHETORIC & COMP – NOTEBOOK CHECKLIST. 

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