Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, December 3rd


WRITE:  Quickwrite #25 Poem for an inked daughter- Jean Wyrick

STUDY:  Notebook work – quick revise.  We’ll choose one notebook entry (not one you’ve previously expanded) and spend 3 minutes making it better and possibly expandindg a bit.  Focus is on revision and change NOT editing and correcting.

READ:  Reading time w/ 1:1 check-ins

PRE-VIEW: A quick look at portfolios – their purpose, their set-up, what’s coming next.

DEADLINE:  WRITING 7 (QW or MB) due anytime between Friday 12/4 and end of day Sunday 12/6

UPCOMING:  A quick book return survey & OFFICE HOURS tomorrow (from 9am – 12pm & 12:30 – 2pm).  Stop in if you need help or have questions or just want to say hi.

NEXT WEEK: Portfolio work and notebook wrap-ups.

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