Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, October 15th

Check-in & Booktalks.

REVIEW:  Argument – Everything’s an Argument chapter 1 (supplement your notes as needed)

STUDY:  Rhetorical Appeals w/ notebook work (quickwrites w/ notes)

WRITE:  Quickwrite #14 – “Camaro” by Phil Kaye (pathos focus)

Quickwrite #15 – “All Parents are Cowards” by Michael Christie (ethos focus)

Quickwrite #16 – “Consent as Tea” (logos focus)

DEADLINE/ASSIGNMENT:  Find, label, explain the use of rhetorical appeals + kairos in “I’ll Look at Your Facebook Profile” by Louis M. Profeta  (you’ll find this in your Practice Docs folder – inside your Drafts folder in Dropbox) DUE by end of day Sunday 10/18

PAST DUE REMINDER:  DIGITAL SUBMISSION #1 2020 was due Sunday 10/11.  If you haven’t revised, renamed if needed, moved, and recorded audio, do it ASAP!!!

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