MC Lit / English 5 – Wednesday, October 14th

BEFORE class – sign into the padlet board and post a new reading post-it.  Include what you are reading, the page # of your progress & the date 10/14.

Read Aloud.  Zeta Elliott’s A Place Inside of Me.

Reading schedules for BOOK CLUB #1 –  Monday’s Not Coming, Dear Martin, With the Fire on High, All American Boys, Everything Everything, or The Hate U Give  (This is separate from your independent read, but it is OKAY to switch over for a couple of weeks if that’s what you need.  It is also OKAY to keep reading both your independent read AND your big group novel simultaneously.  Only you know you.)

Individual Break-Outs for reading time & teacher check-ins.

Exit ticket posting BEFORE you leave class.  Details in the ZOOM.

DEADLINE: Work to stay on target for your BOOK CLUB #1 Read.

PAST DUE:  WRITINGS 1, 2, & 3 (if you haven’t done them).  Tip:  They all go in your end of semester portfolio, so you might as well get them done now.

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