Rhetoric & Comp – Friday, October 16th

CHECK-IN: Post a reading update in the Indie Read padlet to be counted present today.

OFFICE HOURS:  Mrs. C will be in the zoom all day (9am – 12pm & 12:30-2pm) if you need help, have questions, or just want to stop by. See me if you need help posting in padlet or need help with Dropbox or Flipgrid. (You are counted present when you talk to Mrs. C in office hours.)

DEADLINE/ASSIGNMENT:  Find, label, explain the use of rhetorical appeals + kairos in “I’ll Look at Your Facebook Profile” by Louis M. Profeta  (you’ll find this in your Practice Docs folder – inside your Drafts folder in Dropbox) DUE by end of day Sunday 10/18

PAST DUE REMINDER:  DIGITAL SUBMISSION #1 2020 was due Sunday 10/11.  If you haven’t revised, renamed if needed, moved, and recorded audio, do it ASAP!!!

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