Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, September 29th

The new usual – BEFORE class – sign into the padlet board and post a new reading post.

WRITE:  Quickwrite #9 –  Pick-a-Pic (you choose a picture from the selection on the PDF as inspiration for today’s write)

READ: Read Aloud – Anne Lamott’s “Sh**** First Drafts” from Bird by Bird

STUDY:  A lesson in revision/college apps – 3 drafts of 1 app essay – we’ll use this Padlet board: Revision in Motion  & talk about what revision IS and ISN’T.

ASSIGNMENT:  Read the Scholarly Definitions of Rhetoric (print them out if you’d like/can).  Make a notebook page of your 3 FAVORITE definitions listed – with brief explanations on why you chose these three – due by classtime on Thursday 10/1.


  • Sent Mrs. C your “professional” email? (we did this last week)
  • Sent Mrs. C your self-addressed “envelope”? (we did this last week)
  • Taken a closer look at your college app essay and made initial revisons? (use your WRITE CLUB experience and/or feedback to drive it)

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