MC Lit / English 5 – Wednesday, September 30th

BEFORE class – sign into the padlet board and post a new reading post-it (the new usual).

STAGGERED ZOOMS TODAY!  Check your time on GClassroom  – based on the novel you are reading for the Big Group Read.

WATCH & WRITE: In class, we’ll watch the video for your read & then create a notebook page with an entry responding to it.  After watching, what are you thinking?  Does it give you insight into the book you just read?  Can you make connections between the video and the book?  What are your impressions of this author?

NEW ASSIGNMENT:  Writing 3 (examining identity through poetry) – submit starting 10/2 and no later than end of day Sunday 10/4


PAST DUE:  If you stayed on target, you are finished with your Big Group Read.  Catch up if you’ve fallen behind.

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