MC Lit / English 5 – Monday, September 28th

As usual, update your reading (independent or your Big Group Read) on the Indie read Padlet board.  Then, at class time, sign into the Zoom call.

Quickwrite #7:  Work with the poetry in your for-class novel (Solo, Long Way Down, or The Poet X) as instructed

  • Choose a single poem you really like
  • List words within the poem that you like or list individual words that describe how it makes you feel or what it reminds you of
  • Consider and explain why you like those words
  • Compare the list of words you chose w/ the explanation

STUDY:  Thinking about how poetry works.  We’ll do some work in groups (based on the book you chose) to make discoveries about the poetry we are currently studying.

TO DO:  Keep reading to target for Wednesday (that’s the end of your book).


  • Writing 2 was due 9/20 (Some students still need to complete this.  If it’s you, get on that. The assignment can be found on BOTH the GClassroom stream & the website on the posts from Sept. 16th.)
  • Time Audit (in your notebook) and the Time Audit Response (GForm) was due Friday 9/25. Find it on Friday’s Classroom stream.

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