MC Lit / English 5 – Wednesday, September 16th

Book talks. 🙂

Quickwrite #5:  Watch & respond to the poem below – “Colorblind” by Joseph Capehart

Core Read: Forethought – The Souls of Black Folk by WEB duBois 

Notebook Work:

  • 3 important spots to take a closer look – WHY?
  • How does this piece compare with other core excerpts we read?

RIGHT NOW:  Choose your BIG GROUP READ – Solo, The Poet X, or Long Way Down – and fill out the Google form indicating which book and how you are accessing it (this is on the slideshow attached to GClassroom!

TO DO:  Read something awesome at least 15 minutes!

DEADLINE:  Writing 2  – submit starting 9/18 and no later than end of day Sunday 9/20


PAST DUE:  Writing 1 – due 9/6 (but I still need it)

UPCOMING:  Work day on Friday – email Mrs. C if you have questions or need help.

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