MC Lit / English 5 – Monday, September 14th

Today, begin by posting a reading check-in on the padlet – USE the link on the right for Indie Read Check-Ins MC Lit / English 5  – add a post-it as instructed.

Book talks. 🙂

Quickwrite #4: American Dream cartoon.  Thoughts?

Core Read: A Letter to My Nephew – James Baldwin (1962)

Notebook Work:

  1. Using the pdf of Baldwin’s letter, choose a line (or two) that feels important to you.
  2. Copy it word for word onto your notebook page (paper or digital).
  3. Put it in quotation marks since it is a quote.
  4. Underneath, share WHY you chose this quote?
  5. What does it say to you?  Why does it feel important?
  6. Does it apply to NOW – 2020?
  7. Continue to write any thoughts you have about the quote, related to the quote, things it reminds you of, etc.


  • Choose your BIG GROUP READ – Solo, The Poet X, or Long Way Down – and fill out the Google form indicating which book and how you are accessing it (this is on the slideshow attached to GClassroom!  (DO this TODAY! – We start this book next week)
  • Read something awesome at least 15 minutes!


  • INDIVIDUAL READING RATE – this was Friday 9/11 check-in (if you didn’t complete it, do so)
  • Writing 1 – due 9/6 (but I still need it)

UPCOMING:  Last core read for this study on Wednesday and details on Writing 2.

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