Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, September 10th

WRITE: Quickwrite #4:  we’ll watch the video below and then react with a 3 minute in-class notebook write.

STUDY:  Return to thinking from Tuesday about “good” writing.  We’ll refresh our thoughts on the student papers we read & see what we can learn from quantifying our evaluations:  norming out 4s & 1s, what makes a 4 a 4?, why are some evals all over the place?  Visit the goodwrite Padlet board here.

CREATE/PRACTICE:  Quick intro and practice at giving feedback – we’ll use a sample paper that you gave a 2.  Try pointing out at least one thing you like (and why), asking one readerly question, and posing one “what if..” suggestion.

STUDY:  Quick lecture – SOME TRUTHS ABOUT WRITING (take notes on the next page in your notebook)


DEADLINE:  SWIC course registration by 4pm TODAY. Here’s how – watch the video about Dual Credit.on Tuesday’s post  Use the directions to register for class.  Find the codes for your specific course section attached to Tuesday’s GClassroom post.  (Hint: the part of the video specifically about registering starts about 7:25 into the video) Link to SWIC registration HERE.


  • WRITING 1 was due Sunday 9/6

UPCOMING:  Discovering your reading rate (tomorrow) & more read-like-a-writer w/ your WRITE CLUB groups (next week).

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