MC Lit / English 5 – Wednesday, September 9th

Review how to add Reading Check-ins in Padlet.  Indie read – 10 minutes.

Quickwrite #3: “Talking ‘Bout a Revolution” Listen to the song / read lyrics – react in a 3 minute write.

Core read:  “This Far: Notes on Love & Revolution” by Daniel Jose Older from The Fire This Time.  Add to write with an additional 2 minutes of thought.

Preview:  BIG GROUP READ – choices Long Way Down, Solo, The Poet X. Start deciding what you’ll read.  (GSlides on the today’s GClassroom post – check out the links & fill out the request form).

TO DO:  Read at least 15 minutes – EVERY DAY.


  • Reader/Writer survey was Friday 9/4
  • WRITING 1 was due Sunday 9/6

STICK-AROUND:  Dropbox help.  Gotta get this figured out.

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