Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, September 8th

Today, begin by posting a reading check-in on the padlet – USE the link on the right for Indie Read Check-Ins 7A – add a post-it as instructed.

Quickwrite #3 – What’s in the Box? (3 minute write)

Mini-discussion:  Learning to read & write – “How to Bartle Puzzballs”

Study:  What makes writing “good” and why does that matter?  Use the handouts on GClassroom to work on evaluating some writing.  Then, we’ll work together to see what we can learn.  Visit Today’s Padlet Here.

TO DO:  Read at least 20 minutes a day – EVERY DAY.

DEADLINESWIC course registration by 4pm this THURSDAY. Here’s how – watch the attached video about Dual Credit.  Use the directions to register for class.  Find the codes for your specific course section attached to today’s GClassroom post.  (Hint: the part of the video specifically about registering starts about 7:25 into the video) Link to SWIC registration HERE.


  • Reader/Writer survey was Friday 9/4
  • WRITING 1 was due Sunday 9/6

UPCOMING:  More read-like-a-writer & what is writing?

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