MC Lit / English 5 – Friday, September 4th

TODAY – Complete the survey on GClassroom to check-in today.  Instructor OFFICE HOURS today from 9 – 12 & 12:30 – 2 (Zoom link on GClassroom).  Stop in with questions about the assignment, to get help on platform sign-up/use (Dropbox, Padlet, Flipgrid).

NEW ANNOUCEMENT:  Mrs. C worked this summer on a fundraiser to help provide books by Black authors for students in our Granite City community.  And the books are here!  We have partnered with the GC Library and this month, when you go into the main library (Delmar Ave.) to pick up your library card, while supplies last you can get a FREE book just for you.  It’s for kids ages 4 – 18, so your younger siblings can participate too.  There are a variety of titles to help you gain perspective, see yourself, or just enjoy an awesome book.  Check it out!!


  • NO CLASS on Monday – take the day for YOU (that’s why the writing is due on Sunday)
  • What are you reading?  YOU NEED A BOOK (email Mrs. C to request books for delivery OR find your own read)
  • Set-up Dropbox, Flipgrid, Padlet, & apply for a GC library card. (Pick up your real card at the main library and maybe get a FREE book).


  • Reader/Writer Survey 2020 TODAY!!
  • Writing Assignment #1 – window for turn in Friday 9/4 to end of day Sunday 9/7. Follow the directions on the assignment sheet. (You can find the syllabus & welcome letter at the top of this page under the SYLLABI tab).


  • Next week – independent reading, writing basics, intro to your big group choice reads, & more read-together texts by Black authors.

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