MC Lit / English 5 – Wednesday, September 2nd

How to Notebook – some quick notes on what to write in a notebook entry when you are asked to react/respond to something you read, watch, or listen to.

Watch & then create a NOTEBOOK entry in YOUR digital notebook:

  • Open Dropbox
  • Choose the file view (click all files on the left)
  • Select YOUR digital notebook folder & open it
  • Click the blue CREATE A FILE button
  • ALWAYS choose Word Document
  • Write HERE for 3 minutes (use tips from HOW TO NOTEBOOK to guide you
  • Use the center of the blue bar (in Word online) to rename your doc QW2 9-2 History Reconsidered
  • Choose Save & Return to Dropbox

To start our study of Black writers in America, we are going to start current and work back into the past.  Today, we read the opening chapter of Stamped by Jason Reynolds & Ibram X Kendi.  You can find a pdf of this chapter on the Google classroom post today.  Then create a notebook page (this time on a piece of paper?) to make some notes on what seems important here. Again, use tips from HOW TO NOTEBOOK to guide your thinking/writing.



  • YOU need a book to read by Friday – whatever you want to read
  • Writing #1 due in Dropbox (follow the directions on the assignment page) anytime Friday 9/4 until end of day Sunday, 9/6.

REMINDERS:   Post-it in Padlet, Intro video in Flipgrd, and MOST important – DROPBOX – set up and share folders!

IMPORTANT:  Stop in to office hours on Friday (check Classroom for the zoom invite) if you need help with platforms or have questions about the assignment.

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