Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, September 1st

Meet via ZOOM.  Notebook setup.

  • WRITER’S NOTEBOOK title page (decorate (or not) however you want)
    • “What I’m Reading Now” to keep track of current reads
    • “To Be Read” to keep track of what you might read next
    • “Reading Goals” to set your own reading rates & goals
    • “Just the Right Words” to record any perfect, awesome, or just memorable quotes from your own indie reads

QW#1:  “So Far?”

Independent reading focus:  virtual book pass & book trailers.  Add titles to your To Be Read list.  GOAL 1:  Find something to read this week (by Friday)

  • Go back to the Google Classroom post and notice the 2 slide shows attached to the post.
  • One has book trailers – 20 books with links to their trailers – check them out.
  • The other is a virtual book pass – 21 books with a picture of the back/inside jacket to give you a bit about the book.  Check them out too.
  • Add any titles that might interest you to your TBR page.


  • Set-up Dropbox, Flipgrid, Padlet, apply to SWIC & apply for a GC library card.
  • If you want to borrow books from Mrs. C or the school Media Center, email Mrs. C your requests.


  • Writing Assignment #1 – details in a pdf on Google classroom.

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