MC Lit / English 5 – Monday, August 31st

Meet via ZOOM.  Digital notebook setup & QW#1:  “so far?”

  • Open your DROPBOX (If you haven’t done set-up, now’s the time. Use the directions found on the DROPBOX SET-UP tab above).
  • Open your “______’S Digital Notebook” folder and choose CREATE A FILE
  • Choose WORD document – it’s the 4th one down (Dropbox will take you to Word Online)
  • Type QW#1: So Far? at the top and spend 3 minutes writing about the school year so far.  How was last week?  You can write in general or about this class.  What are you looking forward to? What is frustrating?  How are you feeling?
  • Rename the document by clicking the center of the blue bar (above where you are typing – it should say Document)
  • Change the name to QW 1 8-31 (the quickwrite # and the date) and then click SAVE AND RETURN TO DROPBOX)
  • Done deal.  This is how we will do notebook entries most class days.  Be sure to change document names or we will end up with folders full of documents titled “document” (which is super confusing).

Add two more documents INSIDE your digital notebook folder.

  1. What I’m Reading Now – you will be adding whatever you are reading by choice on this page (title the document “What I’m Reading Now” using the same directions as above).
  2. To Be Read – you will keep a list of things you might want to read in the future (title this doc “TBR”)

Independent reading focus:  virtual book pass & book trailers.  Add titles to your To Be Read list.  GOAL 1:  Find something to read this week (by Friday)

  • Go back to the Google Classroom post and notice the 2 slide shows attached to the post.
  • One has book trailers – 20 books with links to their trailers – check them out.
  • The other is a virtual book pass – 21 books with a picture of the back/inside jacket to give you a bit about the book.  Check them out too.
  • Add any titles that might interest you to your TBR page.


  • Set-up Dropbox, Flipgrid, Padlet, & apply for a GC library card.
  • If you want to borrow books from Mrs. C or the school Media Center, email Mrs. C your requests.


  • Writing Assignment #1 – details on Wednesday.

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