Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, September 3rd

Today, we’ll start with thinking about education and its reliance on grading and ranking.


QW #2 – Points vs. Learning – YOUR thoughts on this video.  Whatcha thinkin’ right now? (3 min. write)

Visit today’s Padlet Board  with the code Mrs. C gives out and add your thoughts via post-it.  Work on what YOU think, not what your friends post.

Read Like a Writer:  Reread How I Became a Pirate  (you’ll find a copy in your Drafts folder in Dropbox).  Open the document in MSWord and use highlighters and commenting to point out what you notice about HOW THE TEXT WAS WRITTEN.

Notes:  READ LIKE A WRITER – we’ll add these to our notebooks for reference.  THEN – Go back to the How I Became a Pirate and using your RLaW notes, see what else you find.


  • What are you reading?  YOU NEED A BOOK.
  • Set-up Dropbox, Flipgrid, Padlet, apply to SWIC & apply for a GC library card. (Pick up your real card at the main library and maybe get a FREE book).


  • Writing Assignment #1 – window for turn in Friday 9/4 to end of day Sunday 9/7. Follow the directions on the assignment sheet. (You can find the syllabus & welcome letter at the top of this page under the SYLLABI tab).
  • SWIC APPLY – We will need to register next week, so get those numbers!


  • Check in tomorrow via survey (will be posted tomorrow)
  • Office hours all day Friday 9/4 – 9am to 12pm and 12:30 to 2pm.  Use the zoom invite to log in and get help whenever it works best for you.

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