English 8 – Wednesday, April 29th

Quickwrite #28:  Watch How To Start a Movement and use it as inspiration for writing.  (I rewatched this and my first thought was, “they are way too close together.”  Then, I realized it just made me a little jealous. . . )

DEADLINE:  By end of day Monday 5/4, I need your FINALMG.  Use this week to finish up, get feedback, ask questions, finalize (this means save as PDF* and fill out your checklist to correspond with your final copy), and make your Flipgrid presentation. Finalizing details on the April 22 post and videos w/ e8mg20 flipcode.

*If you only use Word Online and don’t have this capability, make sure it is ready to go and drop Mrs. C an email.  I’ll convert it for you.

VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS:  Again Thursday from 10a – 12p as usual. “Hope to see you there!”

LAST/SENIOR PROJECT:  Today is the day for info on the Seniors Write! portfolio style project (remote learning style).  See the handout here SENIORSWRITEeng8 *or on the SPRING2020 tab above and watch a video talk through with flipcode e8mg20 (check the new topic Seniors Write!). This project is due no later than the end of day Tuesday 5/12. (Basically, you write 4 short papers about yourself – one a day and you’re done in four days – or all at once.  Either way, there’s not much left after that).

*If you don’t remember how to make a new folder, etc. in Dropbox, check the quick tutorial on the flipgrid.

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